Ludza City Gymnasium

The aim of the school is to create a modern, creative and safe school environment, in which the student with a positive attitude, interest and understanding responsibly learns the study content. 

School vision – a school with a tidy learning environment, a positive microclimate and cooperation with the surrounding community, which provides quality education for the development of each person.

School tasks :

  • to promote the acquisition of learners’ values ​​and understanding of life, to develop moral and meta-cognitive thinking and action skills, to form a civic and patriotic attitude towards the state, to teach responsibility for one’s career choice;
  • to promote the personal growth of each learner, being aware of the individual peculiarities and abilities of development;
  • to increase students’ co-responsibility in the learning process;
  • to create a positive environment for school and family cooperation;
  • to improve methodological work at school in order to increase the efficiency of the lesson, to promote cooperation of teachers in the planning and implementation of the curriculum.

For more information, please visit the following links: : Here is the link of our school`s web-page, where we inform school`s community about all the activities of the project : Facebook page, where we inform all our friends about activities in school : Here is the webpage of our town, where we inform local municipality`s community about the project

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