Escola Secundária de Santa Comba Dão

The singular meaning that we want to add to the world, for a distinctive purpose of value.

Educate and train critical, responsible and entrepreneurial citizens, endowing them with the essential skills for integration into active life and the community, guided by the principles and values ​​contained in the Basic Law of the Educational System.

  • We highlight, specifically, the following principles and / or values:
  • Principle of pedagogical quality: the pedagogical dimension and the search for quality and demand are priority in the educational action that seeks excellence;
  • Principle of transparency: use of weighted criteria in any responsible decision-making and in dealing with all aspects inherent to the life of the educational community, promoting everyone’s commitment;
  • Principles of participation and inclusion: foster active and free participation of all elements of the educational community in school life, through the exercise of leadership with shared responsibilities, based on the delegation of competences.

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