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The project

Four schools from different parts of Europe with different backgrounds and complementary skills intend to learn and exchange good practices around the teachings that the Holocaust give us.

This project calls the memory of the Holocaust because it is important to remember. It is important to remember because we want to build a future based on and engaged with the values of tolerance, inclusion and democracy. Democracy depends on the participation of all, not only in the simple yet crucial act of voting, but also in the way we treat each other. So, treating all people with decency and respect is essential to a functioning democracy. Also, detecting and preventing fake information is a way of preserving democracy and promoting free debate enriches it if taking place without bullying, in a secure environment.

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We intend to take our students and school comunities to bring back history/memories and transport them into the future where lessons should be put in practice. We will promote listening to others, not only migrants and refugees around us, but also people with different cultures and beliefs from ours, and in this way promote empathy, respect, care, dignity, and integration while fighting prejudice (educate for social inclusion). We will learn and actively respect the values of democracy. We also seek to give students skills against the dissemination of fake news and promote the use of a safe environment on the internet. We propose a contribution to an innovative education marked by the use of new technologies and Open Educational Resources (OER). We’ll strengthen self-esteem by disclosing our cultur and learning that we are part of a common Europe, and in that process, develop language and communication skills. With the use of sports activities, we will help them building healthy bonds. Also we promote culture and creativity, not only knowing our new friends’ customs and traditions, but also exploring the expression of feelings and emotions through art.