I.E.S. Antonio Dominguez Ortiz

Since its foundation, IES Antonio Domínguez Ortiz has been an educational leading model of reference within Polígono Sur district. Our goal is the inclusion of the students from this area within public education system to offer them a better future. The school copes with social marginality and faces it in order to reach students educational objectives. For this reason, we make the difference by means of a strong and carefully individualized support to our students, who have significant deprivation both in emotional intelligence and cognitive skills.

IES Antonio Domínguez Ortiz consists of 13 units with a total amount of 275 students distributed in Compulsory Secondary Education in three groups of 1st CSE, three groups of 2nd CSE, two groups of 3rd CSE, and one group of 4th CSE. In the case of Post Compulsory Secondary Education (PCSE), our school has 1stPCSE and 2ndPCSE, which are oriented to a further access either to university or to Upper-Level Training Cycles or Studies, additionally there are also two other groups of Basic Professional Training (1st BPT and 2nd BPT).

The school staff is composed by 35 teachers, and as non-teaching staff: three concierges, an administrative assistant, a social worker and some partners from the University Residence Flora Tristán (located in the zone). And the cleaning crew composed by four people. The school has suitable facilities and material resources, twelve regular classrooms, one specific classroom for PT (Pedagogy therapist), specific rooms for Technology, Music and Arts, a library, two laboratories (one for Physics and Chemistry, another one for Biology) and some departments dedicated exclusively to different subjects.

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